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There are innumerable marketing podcasts on temporary tactics, tricks and hacks, but this is the ONE SHOW that will actually transform you…yes even you…into a marketing master.

You’ll gain these critical skills with your host Michael K. Reynolds on the Global Studio Marketing Podcast.

You’ve climbed the mountain…let’s tell the world.


There is so much celebrated about the ability to persevere during challenging times in business. But, let’s be clear. It’s most enjoyable when the winds of opportunity are all around you.

There are those sweet moments in the life of an entrepreneur when the business is growing at an unbelievable pace.

The markets and the momentum are all going your way.

But what happens when they suddenly are not? What is your response when times get tough?

Hopefully, you have marketing strategy designed to respond appropriately. This is what the best performing, most resilient companies depend on when things get difficult.

Join Michael as he explains the marketing revelation of the wind and the sails, and how it can keep your company moving in good times and bad. 

There are a plethora of shiny objects in the sales and marketing universe these days.

There is flashy technology that is blinding in its capabilities. There are trendy new ways to get viral attention.

It seems like everyone has some trick, hack, or groundbreaking new innovative approach.

However, after the smoke clears and the mirrors are taken down, the foundations of marketing brilliance always survive the course of time.

Those businesses that keep focused on these fundamentals are the ones that are able to experience long-term, sustainable profitability.

In fact, you can boil down long-term business success into two words.

Join Michael as he reveals two guiding words for successful marketing.

One of the most valuable metrics in determining marketing strategies is something called “Customer Lifetime Value”.

This is a reference to the average overall revenue generated by customers who stay with your business for an extended period of time. 

The assumption is that during this time of being a happy customer, they will continue to make transactions and their value to you will increase month by month and year by year.

This is why the best businesses have customers that stay with them a long, long time.

But how do you go about retaining customers while your competitors are trying daily to pry them away from you?

Join Michael as he shares a valuable secret to earning a customer for life. 

What makes marketing and sales so difficult in these times is there are so many moving parts.

As in…there are literally thousands if not millions of moving parts in any effort you’ll be making to communicate your value for the purpose of winning sales.

Not only do you have multifaceted messaging for your products, services and business mission overall, but there are a vast array of ways to communicate these ideas from which you much choose wisely.

This isn’t even factoring in competitive influences, constant market shifts, and the fact that every new idea and process has a shelf life.

So how do you best influence your target customers to be impressed by your offering?

Fortunately, you can cut through most of the complexity by understanding one clear marketing concept. It’s called the Soundboard Strategy. 

Join Michael as he reveals this critically important facet of winning at sales. 

When it comes to being successful in business the bar is much higher than simply “getting the sale”.

Not only do you want them to say “YES” to you, but you want them to do it with clarity and confidence.

Having a “barely YES” enter your building can create many issues and can lead to the sale ultimately being unprofitable.

Why get the sale at all…if you can can’t thrill your customer…and make it profitable as well?

So…in order to achieve the goal of having them say YES with clarity and confidence…you have to win a major battle.

Join Michael as he reveals the battle you must win to earn true business success.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: “Why does marketing have to be so expensive?”

This concern has been voiced by millions of entrepreneurs through the years.

The truth in advertising is that it rarely pays a return on your investment. At least not the first time around.

In most cases, you’re doing well to break even on your advertising efforts, and oftentimes it’s not until the second, third and even fourth purchase when that new customer acquisition strategy is making you a profit.

Why is this so? The answer to this question is critical for you to understand. And, even more essential is the one word solution to solve this issue and to begin experiencing major savings in your marketing.

Join Michael for this episode that just might reduce your marketing costs for years to come.

One of the most important elements of being a winning business owner is learning all you can about marketing. Marketing is the pathway to success for your organization.

It doesn’t matter…sadly…how tremendous your innovation is on its own. If you can’t market it properly, it won’t get out of your garage.

You would be shocked to know how some of the world’s greatest inventions struggled to get off of the ground. Even the best ideas need high level marketing.

So, in order for you to find success with your business, you need to develop skills and strategies for effective marketing.

However, while doing so, one thing you’ll have to beware of…are the marketing parrots.

Join Michael as he shares how to avoid these troublesome, and business slowing birds.

For most organizations hoping to be successful in their sales and revenue generation efforts, they are solely focused on hearing the word YES from their prospects and customers.

Would you like to buy one of my products or services?

Why yes, yes I would.

The salesperson hears this and says YES! And gives fist pumps to the sky.

And YES…yes is a pretty important word.

However…yes is not the most important word in sales, contrary to many opinions. There’s a much more critical word and it’s one you’re not going to want to hear.

Join Michael as he shares the word that’s more important than yes in sales.

There is a reason why so many students graduate from college with marketing degrees, and then struggle initially in their roles as entrepreneurs.

It’s mostly because so much of that education needs to be unlearned. That is, when you’re actually doing business in the real world.

One of those classic lessons you’ll get in Marketing 101 is about the 3 P’s of marketing: Product, Price and Promotion.

Now, while that basic construct can be a helpful teaching tool, if you focus on these three P’s too much, you’re going to lose track of what truly matters in business sustainability.

It’s another P, and it’s vastly more important. 

Join Michael as he discusses a mistake too many business owners make, and how you can outsmart the profits thief. 

Most businesses get launched with tremendous enthusiasm and fanfare.

What’s more fun than cutting the ribbon at your Grand Opening or seeing that building sign put up on the wall for the first time?

For those launching online it can be the simple pleasures of seeing that beautiful new website LIVE for the first time, or watching with anticipation as your products suddenly become available on the global marketplace.

After all of this exhilaration, the party starts to end for many business owners.

The balloons start sagging and fall to the floor. Bills start to mount, the task list gets overwhelming, and then it starts being a daily, losing grind just try to keep above water.

What’s the secret to overcoming these business obstacles and surviving and thriving even during difficult times?

Join Michael as he reveals the marketing antidote to entrepreneurship burnout. 

Unfortunately, marketing has a tarnished reputation of sort. This is why so many entrepreneurs have such a mixed opinion on marketing.

And truthfully, many entrepreneurs aren’t completely clear on what marketing is and what it can do for their business.

It’s not their fault!

Many marketers, mostly of the amateur variety, have clouded the waters, and confused the process of powerful, effective business growth strategy and messaging.

They’ve led many business owners astray, and have influenced them into believing the “Big Lie In Marketing”.

Join Michael as he shines the light on the Big Lie, and sets the record straight for what REAL marketing is all about.

If you’ve been in business long enough you have certainly experienced some level of disappointment in one or more of your marketing efforts.

It can be baffling at times, why certain products or services or initiatives just never get on a roll.

After all…you’ve worked so hard to produce the very best service or product.

In fact…there is a great buzz about what you’re launching…people seem to be truly excited about its potential for them. 

However…there is one significant problem. They just aren’t buying it.

So what’s the problem?

Join Michael as he reveals the engineering flaw in most marketing campaigns.

If you’ve been listening to the so called “Marketing Gurus” long enough, there are some terms you most definitely are going to hear over and over again.

One of them is scarcity. They tell you that your marketing won’t work without including the tactics of scarcity.

These Gurus will teach you that you need to sell with scarcity…at all costs…even if it means stretching the truth. This is where they introduce the concept of floating marketing deadlines.

Yet, there is something they don’t tell you about these marketing deadlines. And, what they aren’t telling you is costing you a lot of business…and happy customers…in the long run.

Join Michael as he shares an important insight into marketing deadlines. 

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to marketing for your business is “Who Is Selling Who?”

The reason is…so many entrepreneurs are falling prey to some of the oldest tricks in the books when it comes to making marketing and advertising choices.

Because of this, they are making extremely poor decisions and therefore aren’t getting the results they were expecting.

It’s easy to drift off the path of focusing purely on what matters most with your marketing. And that drifting can lead your business to a cliff!

Join Michael as he explains why it’s critical you always ask this question, “Who is selling who?”

Who likes waiting? Who enjoys being stuck in traffic or standing in long lines? Nobody. 

It’s dehumanizing. It can make you feel like cattle.

And for those key decision makers, many of whom have an entrepreneurial mindset and they want to create momentum and experience growth…standing in line is the exact opposite.

We don’t like lines. We don’t enjoy being stalled. When we know what we want, we want it now.

This is exactly the human nature in all of us that you want to put to good use in your marketing.

Join Michael as he shares the immediacy factor and how it can scale up the success of all of your growth strategies.

What would impressionistic paintings have to do with marketing? As it turns out, quite a bit in terms of being an art form.

Impressionistic marketing is a term that describes one of the most quintessential elements of being successful in launching your products, services and brands.

In fact, it also can make a significant difference in anyone’s personal career. 

Impressions are so important in all aspects of branding, sales, marketing…and all along the customer journey.

Join Michael as he explains the art of impressionistic marketing and why it will make or break your business growth objectives.

For many who take the entrepreneurial leap and risk so much to launch a business…well…they are hoping for a fairy tale ending.

They want the stuff of dreams. The Hollywood success story. The win against all of the odds.

Who doesn’t? Who goes into business hoping to lose?

No…we want our ideas to win, and we want to win big. We truly want that magical journey. We’re all hoping for a fairy tale ending.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what leads us to one of the most common and costly mistakes in marketing.

Join Michael as he explains how to avoid the Glass Slipper Syndrome with your business.

Having loyal customers for your business isn’t just a lofty goal. It’s actually, in most cases, a necessity.

The reason for this is customer acquisition can be so expensive as a result of marketing and advertising costs, that you really don’t get profitable with these new customers until they make multiple purchases.

You often hear people talk about the “lifetime value” of a customer. When you end up keeping quality customers for a longer period of time, you generally end up with higher revenues and profits.

Unfortunately, most businesses make a dangerous assumption when it comes to customer loyalty.

Join Michael for a revealing look into how customer loyalty actually works.

Here are five major truths that you’re going to want to hear if you’re a fan of podcasts.

If you’ve ever thought about podcasting…or if you are a podcaster…these will be some of the most informative minutes of audio you’ll ever enjoy.

That’s because you’ll acquire valuable wisdom gained after several thousand hours worth of intensive research, content innovation,  long, lonely editing work and helpful feedback received from listeners.

These core suggestions might just give you the inspiration and initial guidance you need in order to launch your own successful podcast. 

Join Michael as he shares the most quintessential lessons learned from his podcasting experience.

The reality is every entrepreneur wants a shortcut. Everyone wants a hack when it comes to enjoying a successful business.

We want to grow the business without having to spend too much time or money. We don’t want to do it the hard way…we want it the easy way.

The challenge is that most of these “marketing hacks” only work for a short time…and then they don’t. Usually by the time it’s being taught to you, it’s already on the downside of becoming obselete. 

Fortunately there are exceptions to this. There are some legitimate, high powered shortcuts in the marketing universe that will always work.

Join Michael as he shares the ultimate shortcut in marketing. 

No one will argue the importance of creativity in marketing. Without powerful, fresh ideas, your strategies will fail.

This is because there is such tremendous competition to be heard out there in your industry wilderness.

Innovation is an extraordinarily critical part of marketing.

Most people get this. They know they want creative designs, interesting messaging, and highly effective strategy. They want to build imaginative marketing infrastructure.

Yet, when it comes to innovation in marketing, there is something even more important.

Join Michael as he reveals one of the least understood elements of winning marketing strategy.

Most entrepreneurs get their messaging for their business all wrong. Many aren’t totally clear on how to develop out their messaging.

What is marketing messaging?

Basically, your marketing messaging is the artful conveyance of all the value you provide to your customers…through words, visuals or actions.

It’s letting them know who you are, and more importantly, why they should care.

It’s extremely important. Because getting your messaging right…will make your marketing exponentially more effective.

Join Michael as he shares an important insight on creating messaging that will increase your profitability. 

Many successful entrepreneurs make the very same mistake with it comes to marketing.

This error, ultimately impacts their future success and causes them serious challenges down the road.

If you can learn from their fundamental mistake, it will dramatically and positively impact your sales for many years to come.

It comes down to having perfect timing when it comes to planting seeds of success. If you get this right in your business, you have a good chance of winning where too many others fail.

Join Michael as he talks about one of the most critical elements of having steady and predictable revenue gains in your company.

There are so many business professors, coaches, and online courses teaching people the importance of the entrepreneurial mindset.

So many of these teachings are centered around the simple, cheering persuasion of…”You can do it! Just do it! Go for it! You got this!”

That’s great…for you to get you started if you need that kind of encouragement. Yet…no one goes into business…just so they go into business.

They go into business…because they want to win in business. And to win in business takes a totally different mindset.

Join Michael as he shares how winning entrepreneurs think.

In marketing, there is a relentless parade of new innovations, ideas and viewpoints that are fresh and emerging in the discipline.

From the most outlandish marketing strategies to the most sublime, they run the full gamut.

And, of course, there are the hacks. There are always the hacks.

Hacks are essentially, shortcuts…insider secrets, ways to get to the goal with a minimum amount of effort.

For entrepreneurs and marketers, is breathlessly seeking out the latest hacks the best strategy to take?

Join Michael as he explains the pathway of the marketing pendulum and how it answers that question succinctly. 

There are always going to be ebbs and flows in the world of business.

Sometimes these highs and lows are only felt in your specific industry or with your particular lines of products and services.

Other times, they are peaks and valleys in your own neighborhood, or city or country.

And then there are those times of difficulty when the entire world is suffering a setback.

It can certainly make you feel as the leader of your business as if there is nothing you can do to fight against these external fiscal pressures.

However, there actually is something very proactive you can do to minimize the damage caused by these times of difficulty.

Join Michael as he shares about recession-proofing your business.

Being in business isn’t easy. Trying to onboard new clients and getting them on the pathway to success is difficult work.

And, the challenge goes well beyond merely creating great services and products and supporting them with tremendous excellence.

It would be great if that was enough, but the truth is it’s not going to keep your customers from being frustrated.

Even if you do everything right in your business from start to finish, you’re still going to have customers who are frustrated and disappointed.

It’s sad, but true. Yet it also presents a surprising opportunity.

Join Michael as he shares the gold mine of customer frustration.

For those who love making dinners, you’ll know there is a old traditional way to see if your spaghetti is cooked properly.

You carefully extract a strand of the boiling pasta out of the pot, making sure not to burn your fingers, and then you thrust the strand up to the ceiling or against one of the kitchen walls.

Here’s the spaghetti test. If it sticks, legend tells us, then the pasta is cooked. If it falls…well, you still have some cooking to do.

Does it really work? Probably not.

But there is a spaghetti test that is extraordinarily important for marketing purposes.

Join Michael as he shares about taste testing with digital spaghetti.

Even if you’re fairly new to entrepreneurship and only have a basic understanding of strategies to promote your business, you probably are familiar with the concept of content marketing.

Content marketing is when you or your team share their expertise in the effort to draw attention to your products and services.

It can come in a variety of forms such as Blog posts, videos, white papers, online courses, webinars, speaking engagements and, of course, podcasts.

Evergreen marketing content, is designed to be content that has a long shelf life to it. Rather than doing a Blog post about something that will be old news in a few days, you’re building content that will have value today, six months from now, and even six years from now.

But, the real game changer for your marketing strategy? It’s Four Dimensional Evergreen Content. Join Michael as he explains what this is and why it’s so important.

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to present your business to the world in a positive light then words are going to be essentially important.

Not just the words you say, but the words you hear.

Yes…you’ve got to have great messaging, you’ve got to be able to tell your story in a powerful, efficient and effective way. That’s getting the word out about your products and services.

Yet, equally important is listening and hearing what the market is saying about your brand.

Join Michael as he shares three words every entrepreneur needs to hear.

You’ve probably seen this countless times. Sales presentations dripping with adrenalin and topped off with a vibrant call to action.

Someone is selling an online course, or some type of investment opportunity, a radical new diet program, or some exciting new way to 10x or 100x your return on your investment.

These opportunities are marketed with an impressive amount of glitz and vigor.

Just a ton of hype and hoopla, to get you to convert…to sign on that dotted line.

Should you use this approach for your marketing?

Join Michael as he shares a strong answer to the question and explains why with the Law of Typicality.

The challenge with being an entrepreneur is that everything can suddenly be seeming so easy.

It’s all coming together. It’s all blue skies with a brilliant sun.

You’re thinking: “I’ve got this. Marketing for my company is so easy. I just need to do what everyone else is doing…especially those who are having so much success.”

And these great times…can be great…until they’re not.

That’s when you hear that knock on your door…the one you don’t want to hear. You know who it is. The wolf has arrived.

Join Michael as he shares how to protect your marketing from the wolf of hard times.

Marketing creates the pathway to business success and a key element of this journey is winning through sales.

Without an effective sales strategy, you’ll have a much more difficult time building relationships for your organization. And, ultimately people buy from people, so sales professionals are needed.

This is especially true for higher ticket items like enterprise software, premium consulting contracts, and products like vehicles. You’re going to need sales strategies in order to close these deals.

Yet, it’s one thing to have a high conversion rate and another to have thoroughly happy customers. 

If you want both, you’re going to need to understand the Sales Heat Factor. Join Michael as he explains how it works. 

A movie considered by many to be among the greatest every produced is Casablanca.

It features the character of casino owner Rick Blaine played by Hollywood legend Humphrey Bogart.

It’s a black and white film from the 40’s and it was released during a global crisis. It’s a powerful story set in Morocco during the Second World War.

Right after one of the most emotional scenes of the movie concludes, Rick shares a classic line, one of the greatest in film history.

Join Michael as he explains how this famous line illustrates one of the most quintessential truths in marketing.

There are many misconceptions that get in the way of our maximizing our success with our businesses.

These marketing missteps limit our opportunities, squelch our ability to exponentially grow, and can threaten our ability to even survive.

One of the biggest misunderstandings when it comes to marketing is this idea of a “sales funnel”.

Dump all of your prospects into the top of the funnel, and watch as they work their way down to being ready to pull out their checkbooks and ring your cash registers.

Surprisingly, this approach to your marketing can lose you sales. Join Michael as he shares the many doors of business success.

There are many businesses that have seasons. These seasons can be challenging when it comes to maintaining a steady stream of cash flow.

There are those that thrive during the Holiday gift buying season and there are others, like accounting firms, that peak during tax season.

There are all types of seasonality to businesses. Organizations can be impacted tremendously based on tourist seasons, geographic seasons, weather-based seasons and purchasing seasons.

For businesses that have been in business a long time, they learn to survive by mastering the ebb and flow of supply and demand.

Join Michael as he shares an important concept in keeping your cash flow flowing, even during the inevitable ups and downs of the year. 

There are many businesses that have seasons. These seasons can be challenging when it comes to maintaining a steady stream of cash flow.

There are those that thrive during the Holiday gift buying season and there are others, like accounting firms, that peak during tax season.

There are all types of seasonality to businesses. Organizations can be impacted tremendously based on tourist seasons, geographic seasons, weather-based seasons and purchasing seasons.

For businesses that have been in business a long time, they learn to survive by mastering the ebb and flow of supply and demand.

Join Michael as he shares an important concept in keeping your cash flow flowing, even during the inevitable ups and downs of the year. 

There are many discussions surrounding the question of “What Is Most Important When It Comes To Marketing?”

There are so many viable responses. Some will say, it’s your branding….or your messaging…or your strategy or your careful execution of this strategy.

Then there is design, product quality, customer service. Others would simply say the only thing that matters is sales. 

Yet, perhaps it’s time to challenge you with a different thought in what is one of the most important elements of marketing.

Join Michael as he explains this precious gem.

One of the most critical keys to being successful in business is getting your marketing messaging right.

What is marketing messaging?

When it’s done correctly, it lives and hopefully thrives in the minds of your best prospects and customers.

It’s a message that inspires them, that makes them feel part of your community and proud to use your products or services.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs and inventors get confused about marketing messaging.

Join Michael as he reveals a key insight to getting your messaging right.

There are five critical tools every business should have in their marketing department.

This is true whether your company has a thousand employees…or if it’s just you on your own.

By tools, this means marketing software that can be used to tremendously improve the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Join Michael as he reveals the critical marketing tools that will help you rule.

There is nothing better for a sales conversation than when the prospect begins by saying, “We’ve heard really good things about you.”

It should be the core design of any effective sales model to include the power of word of mouth marketing.

In fact, it’s one of the most profitable and successful modes of marketing.

Yet, too many entrepreneurs don’t realize there are strategies to amplify these word of mouth referral streams in exponential ways.

Join Michael as he reveals a hot tip for hyperscaling your referral streams.

Doing marketing in a “one-off” way is typically a recipe for wasting your budget. It’s not going to work.

You see, many times, marketing will not get you a return on your investment if you perform it only a single time.

If you’re going to just try something in marketing once…and then move on…you might as well step out the front door of your office and start throwing stacks of one hundred dollar bills into the wind. 

Instead, you need a much more sophisticated approach. You need a better system.

This is where systematic marketingology comes into play.

Join Michael as he explains this unique term and how it can help you truly make your marketing work. 

One of the simplest and most profound marketing strategies known to business and mankind…is sadly, also one of the most elusive.

This strategy?

It turns out it’s the best investment you’ll ever make in your marketing.

The biggest reason why this is true? It’s because your competitors won’t know this strategy, and even if they did, they will be unwilling to do what it takes to make it happen. 

Join Michael in this episode as he reveals the EASY way to marketing victory.

It can be frustrating to design the most exquisite marketing piece, with stunning photography, and brilliant copy…only to discover it’s not working.

This, unfortunately, happens more often than not when it comes to marketing aimed at driving sales. 

There are so many reasons why your marketing strategy may be struggling to prove itself useful. But, there is a good chance that it’s not because it WON’T work.

The shortcoming may be something entirely different than you’re thinking and it can be relatively easy to solve. 

Join Michael as he shares a journalism insight that will improve your sales.

Whether you are an individual marketer or the owner of a company that relies on marketing, there is something you need to know.

It’s an inside secret of the most gifted sales and marketing professionals in the business.

And if you apply this one concept throughout all of your sales and marketing efforts moving forward…you will move the needle in a most positive direction.

Join Michael as he shares why “just getting sales is not enough.”

There exists an incredibly simple test for entrepreneurs that reveals without a doubt whether their sales strategy will be successful.

It is also a test that should be conducted frequently…on a quarterly, monthly, even weekly basis.

In fact, it wouldn’t hurt if you performed this simple test each day of your business.

What is this simple test?

Join Michael in this episode to find out and to determine how you and your company are performing in this critical area of business.

Most entrepreneurs suffer from a crippling condition that keeps their businesses from thriving. You want to know what that ailment is?

It’s called Sticker Shock.

As in, they are shocked at their own prices. The ones they need to charge in order to be profitable and to keep their doors open.

If you find yourself suffering from this malady, you should know it’s not something you can just ignore. It’s actually going to destroy your business.

Join Michael as he shares how to price your business to maximum profitability.

Every market at some time is going to be hit…and hit hard. Sometimes it’s the global markets that fall all together in unison. Crash!

Then there are those moments when it is just your industry or your particular community that feels the economic pain.

Regardless…there are always external forces that will impact the success of your business.

Don’t worry! There is some good news if you’re feeling the impact of a negative economic climate yourself. There is a marketing and business secret that works extremely well during times of recession.

Throughout the millions and millions of entrepreneurs in the world there is a common trait possessed by those who are most successful.

They each have this thread of quality that makes all of the difference. This trait even provides them with an unfair advantage.

While their competitors are staring at a hole in the ground, these success-minded entrepreneurs are making genuine progress and improving their business each and every day.

Want to know what this unique winning approach is? Join Michael as he reveals the marketing secret of the busy bee. 

This is going to be a tough podcast episode. You’re going to hear something that will make you uncomfortable.

But believe this, these tough words, this hard truth. It’s for your own good.

The good news is that once you have a chance to hear this truth, think it through and let these words marinate in your consciousness, you’ll actually agree.

This is a transformative truth. It’s going to fix your marketing. It’s going to tremendously boost your sales. 

Join Michael as he shares a hard truth that is going to change the way you go about building and marketing your business moving forward.

Most people begin their journeys as entrepreneurs in much the same way.

Whether it’s a new restaurant you’re opening, or an accounting firm you’re launching or a  product you want to take to market.

The surest way to get things off of the ground successfully is to start with your inner circle of contacts and work your way outward.

But, this will only take you so far if you really want to grow.

Join Michael as he shares the stranger way to business scaling. 

There are many people who say they’ve always wanted to be a business owner who in truth will never take the entrepreneurial leap.

For many, that’s a good thing. There are way more people on the planet who should NOT be an entrepreneur, than those who should.

So…what’s the difference between someone who SHOULD chase their dreams of being an entrepreneur…and those who probably shouldn’t?

Join Michael as he provides a simple test for discovering a true entrepreneur.

It’s a given that every person who goes into business wants to be successful. Every entrepreneur wants to be a success.

Which begs the question, “How do you even know if you ARE a success?”

The answer is it’s all about the margins. There are three critical types of margins that you need in order to experience true success as a business owner. 

Join Michael as he reveals the margins of entrepreneurial success. 

Many beginning entrepreneurs struggle with the concept of price. Actually, many intermediate and even advanced business owners do as well.

They worry about their pricing. Obsessively. Are we too expensive? Are we charging too much?

What are our competitors doing? Are they charging more? Or less?

The problem is that price is the wrong discussion to have. Price is actually totally irrelevant in most cases.

Join Michael as he explains the secret to being able to charge whatever you want.

As a marketing professional for a quarter century…and someone who is also a traditionally published author of historical novels, Michael can tell you this:

There are a lot of similarities between an author and an entrepreneur.

In fact, he’s worked with many, many authors with their marketing, and teaching them that they need to approach the beginning of their writing career as if they are launching a business.

Which is why, he has a specific piece of advice that he shares with both his author and entrepreneur clients. 

Join Michael as he shares the massive moneymaking difference between a diary and a book. 

The goal of marketing is the same for just about any business. That is, to bring attention to your products or services.

If you’re successful, why you might even be able to draw a crowd.

There aren’t too many businesses where they say, “I sure hope no one shows up.”

We want a large audience. A wide customer base. Yet, excellent marketing will do more than just get you a lot of attention. 

When done correctly, it will bring you the best customers. 

Join Michael as he shares precisely how to draw the RIGHT crowd. 

One of the grandest illusions and delusions when it comes to marketing is that it’s your job to trick your customer into saying YES.

Whatever hack. Whatever latest gimmick. Whatever innovative trickery you can muster.

This kind of Machiavellian approach to malevolent con artistry  has plagued the high roads of strategic marketing since the beginning of time.

And, if you use bait and switch techniques, you’re only going to hook the worst kinds of fish. The ones you don’t even want as customers.

Join Michael as he shares the clear alternative to marketing for dummies. 

When most entrepreneurs think of marketing, they think of one singular point and purpose: How do we get more people through the front door of our business?

These relentless business owners are doing ad campaigns on every popular social and traditional media network.

They are working on 5X, 10X and even 100X growth strategies.

That is all well and good…after all much of this is the art and science of marketing, and is what we professionals spend a lifetime mastering.

Yet, there is an even more important goal when it comes to being successful in business. 

Join Michael as he reveals the surprising door to major profitability.

Many entrepreneurs believe their main challenge is their competition. To win, they don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be a little better than their competitors.

In the end, this mentality is not a healthy one for business owners, as they need to reach much higher if they are going to be successful and have sustaining power.

But, the largest error in this reasoning is they are frequently overlooking their greatest competitor. And that competitor?

It’s a REAL bear. 

Join Michael as he shares the bear truth about entrepreneurial success.

Worried about what’s going on in the world around you? Are you wondering how it’s going to affect your business?

One of the hardest things about being a business owner is that ultimately, you’re not in charge.

Sure, you can develop a plan, and can execute it to perfection.

But radical changes in global events, the economy…and even the weather…can shred up even your most well developed plans.

So…what do you do in these times of sudden uncertainty?

Join Michael as he shares three critical strategies you should implement when the going gets tough. 

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Michael K Reynolds