There are innumerable marketing podcasts on temporary tactics, tricks and hacks, but this is the ONE SHOW that will actually transform you…yes even you…into a marketing master.

You’ll gain these critical skills with your host Michael K. Reynolds on the Global Studio Marketing Podcast.

You’ve climbed the mountain…let’s tell the world.


Marketing is no small investment when it comes to a company’s precious resources.

This investment begins at the inception of an organization and through its initial branding and messaging. It carries on through product and service development and follows along the entire customer journey.

Yet, there is one element of this process, that is more critical than any other when it comes to being successful in sales. And, that’s in closing the deal.

Join Michael as he explains the most important success factor to nailing this all important landing in your sales. 

Marketing is probably the most misunderstood of all business strategies and skills.

So many entrepreneurs get into business with deep misconceptions about marketing, and this confusion ends up serving as a major stumbling block in their company’s success.

It’s completely understandable, because marketing is so broad in scope and so difficult to get your arms around that it can come across as something mythical and magical. 

Join Michael as he reveals the biggest lie in marketing, and how to keep it from holding back your success.

Everyone gets into business because they feel they can make a difference in the world…even in some small way.

Even your most hardened, bottom-line based entrepreneurs want to do right by their customers.

We want to be the good guy. The good gal. 

Yet, it may surprise you to know that having this mentality when it comes to your sales could hinder your relationships with your prospects and clients.

How so? Join Michael as he explains a counter-intuitive breakthrough insight into growing your marketing and sales. 


Many business owners are proud about their services or products and they have no hesitation in explaining why their offering is the best.

Oftentimes, these same entrepreneurs have a firm grasp of the markets they compete in and understand exactly who is their target audience.

So why is it that when they present their great offer, and target it at the perfect prospect, they still struggle with closing the deal?

Most likely it is because they are missing one of the most critical elements in the sales process. And, this element comes down to one powerful word.

Join Michael as he shares an insight that will truly add rocket fuel to your sales efforts.

It’s natural. You’ve started your business. Your overhead is low. And you’re desperate for work.

So what do you do? You commit the biggest mistake you’ll ever make in your marketing.

Unfortunately, it’s a mistake that can set your business back for months, if not years. 

Join Michael as he reveals this critical and common entrepreneurial error. Then he’ll share how to avoid it by replacing it with the first step you must take in all of your marketing.  

No business is going to make it without sales.

And, to get sales, at some point in the process, it requires salespeople. The better the talent you have in sales, typically the more success you’ll experience.

Yet, before you get too far along in your entrepreneurial venture there is something you should know about your BEST salesperson. And, it may just shock you.

Join Michael as he divulges a critical sales truth all business owners should know. 

You’ve put all of your efforts and resources into your big idea and it’s a great success. There’s only one problem.

It’s easy to rip off. And, before long, all of your competitors are offering the same product or service at a much discounted rate.

Winning in marketing isn’t enough. You have to have a strategy in place that will protect your hard fought victory.

Join Michael as he shares what you need to do to make your marketing an impenetrable fortress.

We are operating in a world of seemingly infinite choices.

You can buy just about anything and have it delivered to you overnight…if not within a few hours.

This means businesses need to be more competitive than ever. They can’t be “just another option”, they need to be the best.

But how can you possibly be the best if there are so many different competitors?

It might just be easier than you think. Join Michael as he reveals the secret to being the best at what you do…instantly. 

Your clients want clarity when it comes to making their purchase decisions.

They want to be able to compare apples to apples.

That’s completely understandable and it’s something each of us seek out when we’re making purchasing decisions.

But, when you’re the seller, is this necessarily a good thing for your company’s sales and profitability?

The short answer is absolutely not.

Join Michael as he explains why you must flip the apple cart in a way that will give you big wins in both sales and profits. 


You’ve been there. You’ve done it.

You put your entire team to the task of winning an important project bid. And you all nailed it!

But, then you lose. Inexplicably. 

How could they have chosen such an inferior option?

You’re not alone. Many businesses get devastated by participating in Dog and Pony Shows, which only amount to wasting resources by competing in a rigged process.

The good news is there is a better way. And that is exactly what Michael reveals in this episode. 

It’s not uncommon for business owners to get frustrated with their marketing efforts.

After all, they are often approached by advertising representatives who promise them tremendous results, and all for a reasonable investment.

Then, when the ads finish running and the budget is drained, the entrepreneur is wondering why the cash register didn’t fill up.

It’s not that advertising doesn’t work. It’s that it has to be worked properly.

Join Michael as he reveals the two part strategy of advertising success. 

Building a business from scratch is one of the hardest things you could ever seek to accomplish. 

You work crazy hours. You pour in all of your creativity. And, in most cases you risk your own personal finances.

After all of that sacrifice, hard work and commitment, should you just give it all away?

The surprising answer is, “Yes”. That is, if you want to employ winning marketing that results in high profits and raving fans.

Join Michael as he explains this important concept and why you’ll want to immediately implement this mindset with your marketing strategy. 

Every entrepreneur dreams of seeing their business grow beyond their wildest expectations.

They love the idea of their original concept scribbled on a cocktail napkin taking off and experiencing crazy success.

This is why they are easily enraptured by the thought of 10X’ing and 100X’ing their business.

Many of them expect their marketing to accomplish this result. However; most of them are missing an extraordinarily critical step in the process. This common misstep can cause them to lose it all. 

Join Michael as he reveals the true X factor in marketing success. 

Few people understand how truly challenging it is to be successful in sales.

You have to deal with rejections, objections and sometimes you can be treated downright rudely, just because you’re doing your job.

Yet, without successful sales, no business would be able to keep its doors open. And getting to the word “Yes” is critical for the viability of any organization.

Unfortunately, the word “Yes” is also where most salespeople make their biggest mistake.

Join Michael as he reveals the most important AND ignored rule in sales. 

We are in a period of technological overwhelm when it comes to marketing.

There is marketing automation, social media networks, a plethora of ecommerce opportunities and digital…just about everything.

And, it’s all evolving, morphing and changing seemingly before our eyes.

What should you do? How do you keep up? What really works?

Join Michael as he brings clarity…and some peace to this topic with a clear and welcome answer. 

The winds of change. For businesses, sometimes they arrive as a soft breeze, but too often they hit at hurricane speeds.

Being an entrepreneur would be difficult enough if the skies were always calm and all of the rules of the game remained the same.

The reality is the market’s tastes and demands are always shifting, and technology is altering marketing approaches on a nearly daily basis. If you’re too slow, you’ll be left behind.

Join Michael as he illustrates how to make marketing agility into a competitive advantage for your business.

One of the most difficult decisions a business owner must make is determining the amount they are going to invest in their marketing efforts.

For many entrepreneurs, a marketing budget is akin to tossing money up in the wind, hoping it lands in the right place.

Others know they need to market, and are hoping to get some guidance by seeking out a universal formula.

Join Michael as he shares his unique insight into establishing a marketing budget. This is an answer inspired by Abraham Lincoln. 

In Director Ridley Scott’s masterpiece film, Bladerunner, an alternative realty is presented of a dystopian future world over-saturated with marketing fabrication.

Somewhat eerily, much of what is projected in the movie, based on Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?”, is present today in modern marketing and advertising.

Data farming. Marketing and sales automation. Robocalls.

Join Michael as he shares a critical lesson for marketers from one of science fiction’s greatest movies.


You’ve worked hard to build your brand. You’ve invested in getting leads.

Now, you’re face to face with your prospect and it’s your opportunity to get the sale.

At that point, how do you know if you’re winning…or losing during this sales opportunity?

Join Michael as he offers the simplest, yet most profound answer that will reveal every time whether or not you’re on your way to winning the deal.

There are so many lessons for entrepreneurs buried in the allegories of the classic movie, The Wizard Of Oz.

No. It wasn’t meant to be a training seminar for business owners. Yet, those of us pursuing our dreams are in one way or another heading down a Yellow Brick Road.

Additionally, there is one character in the movie that is the living actualization of a critical marketing insight.

Join Michael as he shares how we can make our marketing strategy successful by following a game-changing principle demonstrated by the Great And Powerful Oz.

You’ve done your marketing. You’ve captured the lead. You make an amazing presentation. The proposal follows. And the customer says, “Yes”!

But, at the last minute, the Big Fish gets off the hook and your spirits are crushed.

Has this happened to you? If you’ve been in business for any length of time you’ll know this occurs too often.

Join Michael as he shares strategies in how to make sure the Big Fish gets all of the way into your boat.

Ever wonder why some restaurants are booked and booming while others struggle to get customers on the slow days?

If you examine this closely you might be surprised to discover the food quality, selection and service are about the same

Yet, there is definitely something critical that makes one a winner, and the other barely keeping its head above the broth.

Join Michael as he provides the answer to this puzzle in a lesson he learned many decades ago…in the YMCA. 

Do you ever look at your marketing materials and find them to be a bit flat…a tad uninspiring?

Is this the case with your branding and website and with the way you communicate your products or services to the world?

If so, you’re certainly not alone. Most businesses make the very same mistakes when it comes to their marketing.

Join Michael as he shares a story from the early days of his career, which may just give you a fresh, new understanding of vibrant advertising. 

Marketing is one of the most necessary…and frustrating…endeavors in a successful business.

So many entrepreneurs know they need marketing, but they fear they are merely throwing dollars into the wind. 

Are they doing all they can to maximize their return on their investment? Probably not. This is because too often an essential ingredient is left out of their strategy. 

Join Michael as he reveals what REALLY makes your marketing work. 

Many entrepreneurs have to make tough budgeting decisions when launching their business.

Even those business owners who have been around for a while would be wise to spend wisely.

Unfortunately, many grossly undervalue the importance of their marketing investment and as a result cost themselves a fortune.

Join Michael as he shares an all too common mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to growing their business.

A major part of winning with marketing involves relational success. This means your personal marketing skills are as critical as any other you possess.

One key to growing business relationships is avoiding a common mistake when it comes to your personal interactions…and it’s one many professionals make.

Join Michael as he shares the marketing lesson of one of the longest words in the dictionary. It’s one you won’t forget.

There are literally thousands of different marketing strategies, hacks and gadgets being promoted through hundreds of different channels.

It’s enough to make an entrepreneur’s head spin. And, typically, entrepreneurs are spinning their heads enough as it is with all of their own ideas.

How do you choose the best choices for your venture? And how do make them as successful as possible?

Join Michael as he shares a critical trait of the most successful clients he serves.

Let’s face it. You’re on a big losing streak.

You can handle a little rejection here and there, but now it seems like it’s one big NO after another.

What’s going on? You’ve got a good offering. Why aren’t these prospects buying into what you are selling?

Here’s your first hint. It doesn’t have much to do with your products or services. 

Join Michael as he reveals this critical, and rather embarrassing, reason why sales get lost. Don’t despair! He’ll also share how to fix it.

One of the biggest misconceptions about marketing and its impact on sales is that it is like a giant faucet.

Do some marketing, and it gives the faucet a gentle turn and the leads start to flow.

Need some more sales? Just gently turn the spigot to the right.

That’s how it works, right? Wrong.

Join Michael as he explains the proper way to successfully develop sustainable sales growth. 


Making pitches. Giving presentations.

These are the critical steps to winning business and gaining quality clients.

Yet, so many entrepreneurs get it all wrong with how they approach this critical task.

Join Michael as he shares a simple marketing formula that will allow you to present your products or services in a powerfully effective way.

One of the most common goals of entrepreneurs is to try to do something no one has ever done before.

It’s exciting to be the first on the block, the one who had the idea and inspiration from the very beginning.

Just like landing on the moon, it’s impressive to be able to plant your flag before anyone else.

The question becomes, will this strategy give you the best chance of success? Join Michael, as he gives you a clear and powerful answer.


Sometimes the most obvious secrets to success are right before our eyes.

When it comes to sales and marketing, there is a quintessential hidden truth that every successful entrepreneur needs to know.

In fact, they have master it, and then they need their entire team to employ it without fail, each and every sales opportunity.

Join Michael as he shares a hard lesson he learned as a teenager and how it applies to helping you win at sales.


If you are an entrepreneur then you need to know this absolutely essential truth:

No one will be able to sell your vision and products or services better than you. Because, no one will ever care more about your business than you.

But, if you’re the BEST your company has as a sales and marketing professional then you better be great at it!

Join Michael as he shares a key insight into unlocking your inner marketing genius.

One of the most difficult things about being a business owner is not being confident in your marketing efforts.

Are you doing the best you can to share your message?

Would you have better sales if your products or services were better? Or is the real issue that you’re being limited by your ability to communicate your strengths?

Join Michael as he shares the marketing principle of “Burying The Lead”. It might just give you the breakthrough you’re company needs.

The word “Yes” opens the gate to success for many businesses.

You want…no you need…your prospects to give you the big “Yes” in order to get that signed contract, to get that deposit check and to make the cash register ring.

But, getting to that point can be so difficult at times.

Join Michael as he shares how the marketing brilliance of the pink spoon can get you that “Yes” and lead you to more frequent and bigger sales.

The word “Yes” opens the gate to success for many businesses.

You want…no you need…your prospects to give you the big “Yes” in order to get that signed contract, to get that deposit check and to make the cash register ring.

But, getting to that point can be so difficult at times.

Join Michael as he shares how the marketing brilliance of the pink spoon can get you that “Yes” and lead you to more frequent and bigger sales.

In this day and age of hardened, resilient and message deflecting consumers…you need to expect your prospective customers…to not trust you.

In fact, they won’t trust you in the least!

So how can business owners, marketers and sales professionals find success despite these seemingly insurmountable obstacles of trust?

Join Michael as he reveals a key insight into understanding how to win the hearts and minds of prospects.

Years ago, a colleague shared a story with me that has been widely circulated through advertising and marketing agencies.

It’s about dogs and dog food.

And although it’s got a morsel of humor in it, there is a powerful lesson in it as well that underscores a key element of winning in marketing.

Join Michael as he shares this story and explains how the concept it teaches can dramatically influence your business success.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are typically, incredible builders.

This is because they are engineers, inventors or innovators in service provision. 

Unfortunately, most struggle in area of building marketing infrastructure, and because of this, their company’s growth is slower and more inefficient than it should be.

Join Michael as he explains the concept of marketing infrastructure and how it can dramatically increase your revenues and brand awareness. 

Most amateur entrepreneurs are looking for the big gimmick, the super hack and the insider’s secret to crazy, exponential, 10X growth.

Yet, the truth is real…genuine…reliable…predictable…lasting growth and success, comes from faithfully applying the Lake Principle to your overall strategy.

Join Michael as he explains this essential concept of marketing and how it will accelerate and fortify your business success.

Words matter in marketing. They matter in all of business.

And if you get these words wrong, it could complicate your messaging efforts in exponential ways. 

You’ll end up spending much more, to get much less when it comes to your advertising and marketing budgets.

Join Michael, as he shares exactly what are the most powerful words in marketing, and explains how critical it is to get them right.

You have such a great company history. You have so many features in your products and so many benefits to your services.

So, where should you really start with your marketing?

It begins here, with the concept of marketing at 70 miles per hour.

Join Michael as he explains this critical aspect of the Marketing Mindset and why without mastering this essential principle, all of your communication will all amount to merely a blur on the highway. 

What exactly is marketing?

If you ask a thousand business people, you’ll get a thousand answers. If you ask a hundred marketers, you’ll get ten thousand answers.

Join Michael as he shares with you the best definition of marketing…ever.

Once you hear it, and it begins to sink into your Marketing Mindset, it will change your entire approach to growing your organization.

Marketing is fluff.

Or so say the engineering type minds of the world.

Do you believe this is so? If so, you are carrying a mindset that will diminish your capabilities as an entrepreneur tremendously.

Join Michael as he explores the myth and truth around the “marketing is fluff” mantra, and reveals a mindset shift that could open brave new doors in your thinking.

Marketing is the winning side of business.

It’s the difference between a wild entrepreneurial success, or a devastating financial flop.

To win at business, you’ve got to think like a marketer. You’ve got to design like a marketer. You’ve got to provide service like a marketer. You’ve got to produce like a marketer.

Join Michael on this launch episode of your journey toward developing the mindset you need to win–and win big–at business.

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