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There are innumerable marketing podcasts on temporary tactics, tricks and hacks, but this is the ONE SHOW that will actually transform you…yes even you…into a marketing master.

You’ll gain these critical skills with your host Michael K. Reynolds on the Global Studio Marketing Podcast.

You’ve climbed the mountain…let’s tell the world.

episodes 130-139

Who would have thought an important marketing lesson could be demonstrated by a Venus Fly Trap?

Have you ever seen a Venus Fly Trap and what it’s capable of doing?

It’s a strange plant, indigenous to the East Coast of the United States in sub tropical areas of North and South Carolina.

These plants have the unique ability to attract flies and then snap them in a trap. It’s a carnivorous plant and it’s quite amazing to witness.

Yet, there is something important about this plant’s ability to trap that is useful when thinking about drawing the attention of prospects.

Join Michael as he explains how the Venus Fly Trap can inform us about an important concept of successful marketing. 

More entrepreneurs than not end up being disappointed with their marketing efforts.

They feel they put so many resources in terms of time and money into their marketing budgets, yet mostly they feel let down when it comes to results.

Could it be their services or products just aren’t all that sellable? Is the market not responding well to their offering?

Maybe. But, the problem could be much more fundamental…and strategically fixed.

Join Michael as he explains the entertainment factor of marketing and why it’s essential to business success.

Everything we really needed to learn about being an entrepreneur was already shown to us by the time we were 4 or 5 years old.

Maybe not everything…but many of the essential concepts. You just didn’t realize that marketing and sales was happening all around you.

In the shows you were watching, the kids you were hanging out with…and yes…even the games you were playing.

Take for instance, the game of Musical Chairs.

Did you have any idea within the concept of this game often played at Birthday Parties and County Fairs there was a marketing lesson like none other?

Join Michael as he reveals the marketing magic behind Musical Chairs.

Everyone is in such a hurry these days. It’s hard enough getting your prospects’ attention for even a few moments…let alone having them buy something from you.

It’s really not that they aren’t interested in your products or services…it’s that they don’t have the time in their schedule to even consider thinking about them.

This is why marketing is so challenging. This is why it’s difficult to get sales.

This leads to frustration as people invest so much of their time and precious resources into their marketing…only to get such a small return on this investment.

But, there is a solution to this frustration.

Join Michael as he shares how you can super size your sales without increasing your marketing budget. 

If you were to research the strategies of hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs through the years, you would discover many patterns of success.

And…patterns of failure.

Following these studies, you would be able to view a business plan, and almost instantly know whether there would be certain victory in the future…or merely the agony of defeat.

It comes down to identifying one of the most frequent variables you see in a failing strategy.

Join Michael as he reveals one of the most common fatal flaws in an entrepreneur’s business plan…and shares how to fix it.

One of the key decisions an entrepreneur will need to make early on in their career is to determine just how personal they’ll want to get with their marketing.

At face value, this probably is not a complicated decision for many business owners.

If they are mostly a private individual, and they want to keep their business life and personal life separate, they will say…let’s keep this all strictly business.

Yet…that’s not really how business actually works. Or ever really did.

Join Michael as he shares the powerful truth about building your personal brand.

At its fundamental roots…marketing is ALL about relationships. One of the best ways to build relationships is through networking.

Yet, so many entrepreneurs get networking all wrong.

Some despise the concept of networking so much they avoid it at all costs. And, this refusal to participate ends up being severely detrimental to their business growth.

Meanwhile, others approach networking with awkwardness and ineffectiveness. 

So how should we network in a way that will allow us to successfully and painlessly grow meaningful relationships?

Join Michael as he reveals this answer by sharing the story of the peacock and the chicken. 

If you were to gather a hundred experienced and ethical marketing experts in a room and ask them a question, you would get the same answer.

The question? It’s this. “Should you lie to your customers?”

Pretty much every one of these marketers and entrepreneurs would respond, “No…generally, it’s not a good idea to lie to your customers.”

“In fact. It’s a terrible idea to lie to your customers. It’s bad etiquette…and really poor marketing.”

Yet. So many of them do lie. At least when it comes to one strategic element of their marketing. And, that’s a mistake.

Join Michael as he shares the most urgent of marketing mistakes.

As you have learned in the Global Studio Marketing Podcast…the most critical skill for business success is the Marketing Mindset.

And this mindset is something you can acquire.

Yes you! Even if you don’t think you’re good at sales…and if you believe you’re terrible at marketing…you can turn that all around and become a Master Marketer.

But, even if you do reach this level of mastery, there is something essential you must still do. It’s something the greatest marketers always do.

Join Michael as he shares a critical facet of marketing that should never be overlooked.

Being an entrepreneur is crazy! Because it’s so high risk.

Not just financially, but in many cases, you’re really having to put yourself out there.

You’re risking your reputation with the opening of your business, of new products and new services…and for each and every launch.

Fortunately…this is one of the key roles of marketing…and that’s to ensure that these events, these launches, these new offerings open up to standing ovations, rather than a big thud.

Join Michael as he gives insights into the art and science of drawing a crowd. 

episodes 130-139

Michael K Reynolds