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There are innumerable marketing podcasts on temporary tactics, tricks and hacks, but this is the ONE SHOW that will actually transform you…yes even you…into a marketing master.

You’ll gain these critical skills with your host Michael K. Reynolds on the Global Studio Marketing Podcast.

You’ve climbed the mountain…let’s tell the world.

episodes 80-89

There are many myths when it comes to marketing. Developing a true understanding of what is real, and what is misleading fantasy will make all of the difference in your business success.

Your ability to avoid the hype and fast trigger responses to widely spread marketing myths, will allow you to continue in a steady and profitable ascent.

It becomes as important to ignore bad advice (and yes…there is a ton out there) as it is to follow good advice.

But how do you…as an entrepreneur…know what is misleading and what is spot on?

Join Michael as provides you with a powerful and memorable answer through the tale of the mosquito and the hummingbird.

If you ask most do-it-yourself entrepreneurs, they will admit to having a little big of ugly in their logo design, brochure development or website. Someday, they think, they’ll be able to afford to “clean it up” with some marketing.

Unfortunately, marketing has very little to do with “cleaning things up”. Yet, most business owners believe the role of marketing is merely to serve as…well some lipstick. 

A way to make things look a little prettier.

This false and shallow belief in what marketing is and does, will cause immense harm to business strategic goals and initiatives. It will limit the potential flourishing of revenues and profits.

In many cases, this line of thinking will attack the very core of an organization’s ability to survive in these challenging markets.

The good news? A proper understanding of marketing can unleash vast potential. Join Michael as he replaces the lipstick with a proper and powerful revelation. 

Let’s be real here…marketing is very expensive. Either you’re going to have to invest a great deal of resources in time…or in money.

In most cases, you’re going to have to spend hefty amounts of each.

So, nothing is worse than launching an advertising or marketing campaign, only to see it almost entirely shoot blanks.

This wouldn’t be a problem if “missing the mark” was something that rarely occurs with entrepreneurs. But in truth, it happens more often than not when it comes to launching marketing campaigns.

This is why understanding what your prospects and clients are looking for is so essential to being successful with your sales.

Join Michael as he reveals a surprising insight to hitting the mark with your marketing. 

When it comes to marketing, business owners are always looking to build a better mouse trap.

They think, “If only we can discover the perfect cheese to attract our whiskered little prospects…then we’ll get ’em…snap!”

The problem with that is…of course…who in the world wants to be that mouse? No one likes to get trapped by marketers. 

The truth is, no one ever enjoys getting sold. No one wants to get a measly piece of cheese in exchange for having a horrible pain in the neck…or getting stuck with something they really didn’t want.

Fortunately, there is a much better way to market for your product and service launches. It’s a proven strategy that will boost your revenues, while putting smiles on the mice.

Join Michael as he shares how to build a better marketing mousetrap.

Do you know who your toughest competitor is? The one who is stealing away most of your business? Actually, there is a good chance you don’t.

Sure, you’re aware of those competitors who are always battling you for the same prospects. The ones who you’re always having to work hard to keep them from your most cherished customers. 

You can see their logos. You know their websites. You know what their slogans are and probably even how they position against your products and services.

But, they aren’t the BIG ONE. Your most ruthless competitor is a silent killer. One that is constantly stripping away your revenues and profits.

Join Michael as he reveals this secret competitor and shares a powerful strategy to emerge victorious.

Most business owners make marketing much more difficult, much more confusing than it needs to be.

Part of this, is that marketing is the most misunderstood and misrepresented art and science of business. A lot of this, is the fault of…well, faulty marketers.

Because of bad marketing practices conducted by others, your prospects will have silent fears and concerns that are holding back their decision to purchase your products or services. 

The good news is there are two super powerful words that can solve this major roadblock to growing your revenues.

And, if you embed these two words into all of your products and services and business philosophies you will TRANSFORM your marketing.

Join Michael as he reveals these two critical words.

Everyone is looking for a shortcut with their marketing. They want to find a hack, an insider’s trick…some way to explode sales without even having to use a match.

In truth, there really aren’t any shortcuts…there are only flash-in-the-pans.

Most “shortcuts” or “hacks” only came to be after months, if not years of experimentation.

And, as soon as the same successful strategy is used the second time and then the third time, and then the word gets out, it’s already rapidly losing its juice.

Still, although there may not be a shortcut, there is a secret door strategy when it comes to marketing success.

Join Michael as he reveals exactly what’s behind this secret door.

Word Of Mouth marketing is about as good as it gets. It’s ultimately, how all quality businesses grow.

But…you MUST also be aware, that Word Of Mouth marketing is like wild horses. If you don’t get it right…it’s like the Rolling Stones say…those wild horses are going to drag you away.

They’ll drag you away from revenues, profitability and enjoying what you do.

In fact, those wild horses can drag you right into bankruptcy.

Join Michael as he shares a critical and seldom discussed element of effective Word Of Mouth marketing.

The good news is they have arrived at the place where they can push your BUY button. The problem? They aren’t pushing it.

And, that’s a major issue. Because, you’ve already invested a tremendous amount in branding and promoting your products and services.

You’ve spent quite a bit just to get them to a state of mind where they can make a decision to buy.

Which means you’ve got to be able to close the deal. You’ve got to encourage them to take the last step by pressing the BUY button.

Join Michael as he explains why your buttons aren’t being pushed, and what you need to do to get your sales rocking. 

There is so much you can learn about marketing while walking through a grocery store. Perhaps nothing better than the Lettuce Strategy.

Now…this isn’t a principle just for grocery stores. It’s for all business applications. Actually it’s for anything to do with communicating your message.

You see, there are two main marketing strategies: the Evergreen Strategy and the Lettuce Strategy. If you can learn how to use both in tandem, your marketing results will soar.

Join Michael in this episode to learn how.

episodes 80-89

Michael K Reynolds