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There are innumerable marketing podcasts on temporary tactics, tricks and hacks, but this is the ONE SHOW that will actually transform you…yes even you…into a marketing master.

You’ll gain these critical skills with your host Michael K. Reynolds on the Global Studio Marketing Podcast.

You’ve climbed the mountain…let’s tell the world.

episodes 100-109

There is a famous Christmas song scribed by one of the most brilliant songwriters of our era…country singer Willie Nelson.

You’ve heard it…so many times. It’s titled Pretty Paper.

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue. 
Wrap your presents to your darling from you.

Now…the deeper and beautiful meaning of this song is about how superficial we can be when it comes to the “packaging of life”.

We can get distracted by all of the pretty paper and the pretty ribbons, and forget the true meaning of what it is and why we do what we do.

So is Willie against packaging? Against marketing? 

Actually, Michael shares the answer in this podcast, and it will be sure to surprise you.

When entrepreneurs are planning their sales and marketing strategies, many are thinking in the most basic, fundamental way possible.

How am I going to get my prospects and customers to buy? How am I going to get them to part with their most precious resource…their money, their gold, their bitcoin.

They are wondering why it’s so difficult to get the sale, to have their prospects pull the trigger.

The problem? They are looking for the wrong solution. They are not targeting their prospects’ most precious resource.

Join Michael as he shares this breakthrough insight into marketing success.

Most of us get into business because we want to make the world a better place. In our own little way.

We want to invent something that works better than anything else on the market.

We want to provide a service of greater value than anything else being offered.

We want to fulfill our customers’ wants and needs. We want to be their best solution.

But, when it comes to marketing our prospects, is it better to sell them what they want? Or what they need?

Join Michael as he provides a surprising answer that might just change the way you approach your marketing. 

As crazy as this sounds, creativity can hurt your sales. In fact, too much creativity can damage your business.

Of course, being creative is a key element of being successful as an entrepreneur. 

Yet, surprisingly when it comes to marketing, many business owners suffer from employing too much creativity.

All of this may sound counterintuitive, but when it comes to your brand, to your messaging, and to communicating with your audiences…many times you need LESS creativity, not more.

Join Michael as he shares this unique insight when it comes to marketing and creativity.

Getting a proper return on your marketing investment can always be a challenge. There are so many factors that go into whether you’ll get a big return or none at all.

Yet, so many business owners are looking in all of the wrong places when it comes to generating marketing ROI. 

There is a key to launching your marketing campaigns…or new websites…or new advertising venues…that will make all of the difference as to whether it will be a winner or loser. 

It’s a rather simple concept in marketing, but it’s one that is surprisingly missed by so many professional marketers.

Join Michael as he shares a hard earned lesson in business, that ended up revolutionizing his approach to marketing.

There are few greater pleasures than standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Spectacular. Awe inspiring. And humbling.

We are so…so…small. This is what we realize when we are standing on the edge.

It’s similar to how an entrepreneur can feel when they are trying to share their message out to the world with their marketing. You get the sense it’s just a lonely echoing with no one listening.

In trying to reach your marketing goals, it can seem like you have to cross the Grand Canyon in order to get your audience to engage…and to buy.

Is there a way you can cross the canyon in one single leap? Join Michael as he shares the best strategy to reach those distant marketing goals.

When it comes to business, everyone is looking for the best way to strike gold. To strike it rich.

Let’s be honest here…when you run a marketing campaign…you want it to create a tremendous return on your investment.

When you design a new product, you want it to fly off of the shelves. When you launch a new service, you want people waiting in line for their chance to sign up.

You want to strike gold. You want that golden success.

How do you best accomplish this goal?

Join Michael as he shares a very surprising answer. It’s one for the history books!

There is a simple way for your marketing message to be heard. Speak…when it’s quiet. Really, really…quiet.

But, the problem is…sometimes you don’t have that opportunity.

There will be moments during your entrepreneurial journey when you have to promote your products or services at the same time everyone else is trying desperately to be noticed. 

It’s almost as if everyone is shouting and no one can be heard.

So what you do? How do you effectively and cost efficiently get your message out above the noise?

Join Michael as he shares a secret to accomplishing the seemingly impossible. 

There is no question about it…your prospects almost always need some sense of urgency in order to pull the trigger in buying your products or services.

It’s important these potential customers get that little, last strategic push to get them to make that commitment to your company.

This is called a “Call To Action”.  The more compelling and urgent it is, the higher your conversion rate will be, and the greater your sales will increase.

Yet, Call To Actions can also can get you into big trouble and inadvertently attract clients you really don’t want to serve.

Join Michael as he shares the surprising BEST Call To Action. It’s one that will increase your customer satisfaction and profitability higher than anything else.

As we celebrate in this 100th episode of the Global Studio Marketing Podcast, it’s time to explain the most critical skill for business success.

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for any length of time…you already know what IS the most critical skill for business success.

In fact, helping you to develop this critical skill is the whole purpose of this podcast and the Global Studio Marketing Academy.

That skill? It’s the Marketing Mindset. But, now you’re going to learn exactly what it is, and why it will change you and your business forever.

Join Michael in this centennial…and most important episode.

episodes 100-109

Michael K Reynolds