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Always lead with integrity.
Never lead alone.

This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It’s a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of businesscommunity and faith.

episodes 30-39

Leaders resist change. And their teams often resist change as well.

Yet, in today’s world, if you’re not constantly enhancing your practices, services and products, you’ll be left in your competitors’ dust.

And sometimes, you need more than just a tweak. You may be at a point where your career or your organization needs to pivot in a whole new direction.

Join Michael and Jim as they share critical insights into knowing when to pivot, and how to pivot effectively in order to create a brighter future.

One of the most difficult entrepreneurial feats is getting partnerships to work.

It seems like everyone wants to start a business with a partner, but then no one wants to stay in the partnership. It’s the number one failed business model. 

This is because successful partners require advanced relationship skills to make them endure the test of time…and business.

Join Michael & Jim as they offer hard earned insights into making partnerships work. 

So many entrepreneurs have partners. So many partnerships fail.

Yet, there are many of these team-based entities that thrive and are stronger with two, three and even more partners.

Why is it that partnerships are so challenging? How should a business owner or organizational leader make the decision as to whether they team up, or go it alone?

Before you make that decision, you must tune into this podcast episode!

It could be life-changing for you as Michael & Jim share critical lessons they’ve learned in their partnership journeys.

Every business owner has faced a period of time when the bills are coming in faster than the checks.

Worse are those times when the cash in the bank is rapidly running out.

It’s like when the fuel light turns on in the car and you’re not sure you’ll make it to the next station. 

Join Michael and Jim as they discuss strategies on how to keep your business from ending up on the side of the road.

Each and every day, entrepreneurs face a plethora of decisions to make. 

Many are small. But, some are quite significant.

And, there are plenty of marketing campaigns and sales representatives encouraging these business owners to “Just Do It”. 

Sometimes, these decisions include whether to open a new business in the first place.

Join Michael and Jim as they share their insights into knowing exactly when you should…just do it…or not.

Struggling with the Millennials in your business?

Or maybe you’re a Millennial who is challenged with leading a Gen X’er or a Baby Boomer.

Although no one wants to be labeled, there are broad patterns of behavioral variations across generations. As a leader, it’s important to be sensitive to differences in experience and attitudes.

Join Michael and Jim as they take on this hot topic and provide key insights into leading across the generation gap.

Anyone who has ever tried their hand at being a leader or entrepreneur knows the journey can aptly be described as being on a roller coaster.

There are unbelievable highs. There are frightening lows. And there is often both fear and exhilaration.

The reality is, you’re either taking a ride…or you’re being taken for a ride.

Join Michael and Jim as they share their insights into developing an acumen for riding entrepreneurial roller coasters.

There is a mindset that is holding leaders back more than just about anything else.

Not only will this constrain your effectiveness in leading your team, but it will send you down a daily road to disappointment and depression.

Could there be one word that will free you up from this mindset? Could it change everything for you almost instantly?

Join Michael and Jim for twenty minutes of mind shifting that will change you as a leader…forever. 

Burn out. Depression. 

All too often, these are the real experiences of business owners as they face a sense of being trapping in a cage of their own making.

If an entrepreneur loses their sense of vision, their feeling of hope, they will find themselves rapidly on a downward slope.

Join Michael and Jim as they share their own struggles in this area and reveal how to gain victory over this common entrepreneurial affliction. 

It’s been a business objective for companies to have their employees feel like they are part of their corporate family.

Yet, so many organizations fall short in this area because their efforts are often perceived as forced and contrived by their staff.

Too few businesses are able to create a genuine sense of family.

Join Michael and Jim as they explore authentic and effective ways to build a healthy family atmosphere in your company.

episodes 30-39

Michael K Reynolds