What God Hates Most Of All

by | Oct 12, 2019

I truly believe God gave us children and pets so we could better understand His relationship with us.

There was a time when I would rise in the middle of the night and seemingly without fail would trip on one of my kid’s toys. Hopping on one foot, I struggled to keep my mouth from uttering what my mind wanted to spurt out.

With my children older now, there are no more squeaking ducks, red wagons and princess crowns.

And I miss those days.

Now, as they are getting older, they sometimes put on a little too much makeup or they don’t do a perfect job with the dishes and on occasion leave fast food wrappers in the car when they borrow it.

And I know I’ll miss these days.

Because I love them so much. Even in their flaws, they bring a smile to me, warm my spirits. Even when they are at their worst, I still just want to pinch their rosy cheeks.

What I loathe most is the silence of the house when they are all away. The emptiness of a toy-less home. The possibility that the Dad who was once at the center of their universe will be fortunate to be remembered on Father’s Day.

So too, is God’s profound love for us. His desire is to build an eternal relationship with us beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Sure. He despises the sin in our life. The purposeful missteps we make. The countless times we fall short of who we are fully capable of becoming.

But, His greatest disappointment is when we forsake Him. When we forget Him. When our lives becomes so busy and distracted by the world that He is no longer in our thoughts.

When there is separation and silence between us. Emptiness in the house.

Is God missing you? Have you forsaken Him? Is He only remembered on Christmas and Easter?

Is it because you’re worried that He’ll be disappointed in who you’ve become or what you’ve done?

Don’t let that stand in the way of a beautiful relationship. The one you were brought into this world to enjoy.

Those are just tripped over toys in the middle of the night. After a hop, and perhaps an utterance of righteous anger, there will be a smile and a warm embrace.

Because the kids are home and safe. And that’s what really matters.


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