Do Christians Belong In A Zoo?

by | May 2, 2020

Did you know you’re being watched?

Your every move. Your every word. Whether you like it or not you’re being measured, scrutinized and analyzed. They are looking for evidence, something…anything to condemn you as a hypocrite and discredit all you believe.

If you are a Christian you live in a zoo.

What you eat. What you drink. How you treat your spouse and kids. How you spend your time and money. Are you happy or are you sad?

You are a source of tremendous curiosity. After all you are an oddity, something to behold.

Can a family really give ten percent of their money and still pay their bills? Can a man be faithful to his wife and not be bored? Would somebody really give up their Sunday mornings and still have a life? Could somebody surrender their life to God and still be free?

They will poke at you. Prod at you. Try to get you to curse, or get drunk or join in the gossip. Your witness is so fragile, so easily destroyed.

How will you respond? With anger? Will you hide in the shadows? Deny who you are? Try to get out of the spotlight and just blend in?

Or will they see someone flawed? Broken. Forgiven and willing to forgive.

When they look into your eyes will they see the bruising of the world has worn you down and left you defeated? Or will they see a joy which confounds all understanding? A spirit drawn from an unyielding strength?

Because, if you are a Christian you live in a zoo.

For God has made you delightfully unique for all of the world to see His glory shine through you. Different shapes, sizes, colors, talents and circumstances, but infinitely loved all the same.

They want to observe and know. Is there something special about your life or is it as empty as theirs? Do you have the answer to the deep yearning in their hearts?

For you are a living testimony. An example of the power of God to transform and renew in magnificent ways. A walking, breathing miracle.

And when they come to watch, will you be willing to share God’s precious work in your life with openness, humility and authenticity? Will you greet their curiosity with hospitality, grace and kindness?

Because, if you are a Christian you live in a zoo.


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